MacOS file icons for different extensions look identical

Hello, I'm sorry if this is a stupid request, but it completely messes with my workflow.

Problem: I assigned RStudio to open .stan files (by Get Info -> Open with -> RStudio -> Change all). The problem is that now every single file with a file extension associated to RStudio (R, RData, Rnw, etc.) has the very same icon (The blue RStudio logo on a white paper) and this is really confusing. I used to have every file extension with their own icon, which is very very useful.
Please tell me how to tell my mac or RStudio how to reassign every RStudio file extension and reassign the appropriate file icons for that.

I tried: Reinstalling RStudio
Clearing the icon cache via
sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name -exec rm {} ;
Multiple Reboots

Nothing worked so far, it would make my life a lot easier again if someone has a solution for that.

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