Mac OS Big Sur and RStudio File Pane

After I installed Mac OS Big Sur, the RStudio Desktop files pane would no longer open .pdf files or allow me to view .html files in the web browser. I can open .Rmd, .R and even .html files in the editor.
I upgraded to RStudio desktop Version 1.4.1048 , but that did not work either.
Appreciate any suggestions to re-enable the capability.


Not an answer, but I have the same problem. I can't start R Studio, because it always will tell me, that Rstudio failed to start. No errors are reported. I already deinstalled and reinstalled RStudio and R as well as reinstalling MacOc Big Sur. No changes.

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Not an answer either. I don't use MacOS but I have seen many posts both here (rstudio community) and on reddit about problems with R studio on MacOS big sur. One "fix" to these problems is apparently to use Time Machine when updating, as they talk about in this related topic: Rstudio on macOS Big Sur?

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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I would recommend filing an issue here: Issues · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

It may also be helpful to know if you've registered a default viewer for PDF files (e.g. Adobe Reader rather than Preview, or something else).

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Thanks to all. Someone filed a similar issue last night ( so I added my comments to it.
p.s. I use preview as the default viewer for PDF.

I have the same issue but a screen pops up asking if I want to retry. I click the button to do so and it starts then,

Daily build 1.4.1076 has a fix, as of three hours ago.

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