Mac magic mouse undesired switching through tabs

I am noticing extreme sensitivity to vertical movements on a mac magic mouse resulting in unexpected and undesired switching of script tabs in Rstudio. I've noticed this on a few versions and different computers and have never been able to find any answers through googling.

I am speaking specifically about the situation of having multiple script tabs open as shown in the image. Often when I go to select a specific script the highlighted tab will fly all over the place and I'll have no idea what tab I'm in. I can't find anything in settings to disable this which is what I believe would be a fix for me.

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I can certainly vouch for this happening to me also. It is mildly annoying and a fix would be nice. Somehow being able to change the sensitivity or even being able to toggle off "scrolling through tabs" would be great.

However, you might get more traction if you cross-post this as an Issue to the RStudio GitHub.

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We'd definitely entertain adding this as a preference.


Thanks Matt. Should I post as a bug or feature request? I haven't done this before. Do you think the info I provided here is complete enough to post on github?

Hi @willh6373,

I think you could post it as a feature request. The scrolling isn't really a bug, it would just be nice to have an additional feature to toggle off scrolling or to modify the sensitivity to scrolling, I think.

I think the information and screenshot you provided here is enough to explain the issue.

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