LuX Wealth Engine for Financial Forecasting - Shiny Contest Submission

LuX Wealth Engine for Financial Forecasting

Authors: Aric Light

Abstract: The LuX Wealth Engine was designed to facilitate retirement planning. The app models wealth accumulation, income, spending and goals pre- and post-retirement. With the app you can set a desired retirement age, asset allocation, savings to multiple account types, spending objectives and income in retirement. The app runs 100,000 Monte Carlo simulations to create a range of how your wealth might develop over time accounting for market performance based on your chosen allocation. The results tab then displays several exhibits to help the user determine if they are on track to retire.

Full Description: LuX Wealth Engine User Guide.pdf (623.5 KB)

Keywords: finance,forecasting,simulation
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Repo: GitHub - AricLux/LuXWealthEngine: Repository for the LuX Wealth Forecasting Engine
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