LRT calculation in tidyLPA

Hi everyone,

I am trying to calculate Lo-Mendell-Rubin likelihood ratio test (LRT) after Latent Profile Analysis using tidyLPA (the distribution of my indicators are non-normal, so the LRT seems preferable). The LRT is not provided by default, however the documentation says it can be calculated as follows:

calc_lrt(n, null_ll, null_param, null_classes, alt_ll, alt_param, alt_classes)

However, I am uncertain where I can retrieve the parameters that need to be specified in the parentheses and where to insert the calc_lrt()-function in my code.

For example, the main part of my code looks like this:

# estimate profiles 
est.m3.m6.compl_sub1 <- dta2.1[complete.cases(dta2.1$X, dta2.1$Y, dta2.1$Z, dta2.1$V), ] %>% 
  select(c("X", "Y", "Z", "V")) %>% 
  estimate_profiles(1:6, models = c(3, 6)
# full model indices

# class estimates

Thank you so much in advance!

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