Low usability about Rstudio version1.3.959

As a long-term Rstudio user, I found some 'problems' deserved to be noticed.

1.Rproj file trick
In some old rstudio versions, .Rproj file could be created by a txt editor with change of '.txt' to '.Rproj'. In version 1.3.959, these kind of ".Rproj" could not be open because of lack of some version information. It has less compatibility compared with old versions. What's worse, if you want to create a new Rproj, the Rstudio always crashs.

  1. copy file path
    In old versions, it's very convenient to copy the file path in the Rstudio editor——just copy the files and then paste them in the editor. In version1.3.959, it's canceled and not work anymore.

  2. Console language
    Rstudio should follow the R GUI intead of our system when set default language. It's ridiculous that Rstudio show Chinese(my default system language) display even though I had set ''language = EN" in the Rconsle files. Although add 'Sys.setenv(LANG = "en")' in Rprofile.site file is a partly solution, apparently the new version didn't inherit goodness of its ancestors.

Did I just set wrong? Or other reason? Welcome all suggestions!

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