Losi in my journey to begin ML with R (TF)

Hello. I used the beginner tutorial in the Tensorflow.Rstudio webstite .

I was able to replicate the results (btw, i think they meant 97% acc, and not 90%) but didn't understand a single command line.

ML is huge out there and most of it is dedicated to Python. I'd like to stay in the R environment since I already understand it pretty well, and moving to Python syntax seems a bit of an overkill. If you have any useful links or tips of where to look in order to begin the this field it would be very appreciated.

There are a lot of resources for learning these skills. Probably the best is Deep Learning with R. This site has a few free chapters. There is a second edition that is almost finished (R code here).

This blog post has a pretty good list too,


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