Looping importing files with read_xlsx


Is there a way to loop this process?

fl123 <- read_xlsx("4-9-fl123.xlsx")
fl121 <- read_xlsx("4-9-fl121.xlsx")
il071 <- read_xlsx("4-9-il071.xlsx")
il082 <- read_xlsx("4-9-il082.xlsx")
il088 <- read_xlsx("4-9-il088.xlsx")
in048 <- read_xlsx("4-9-in048.xlsx")
mo046 <- read_xlsx("4-9-mo046.xlsx")

You can do something like this


list_of_files <- list.files(path = "your_path",
                            pattern = ".xlsx$")
df <- list_of_files %>%
  setNames(nm = .) %>% 
  map_df(read_xlsx, .id = "file_name") 

Is this not already happening? it should be a column named "file_name" containing the name of the datasets, could you share a sample of the output? head(df)

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Yes, I am sorry, the rest of my code was deleting the column.
Thank you for your help

This thread is already solved, but I'd like to add to Andres answer that in case you want to assign the file contents to separate data.frame's, you can use the assign function. Then, you'll use something like following:

# listing files
xlsx_file_lists <- list.files(pattern = ".xlsx") # if files are in working directory, otherwise add path

# looping and assigning
for (counter in xlsx_file_lists)
  assign(x = strsplit(x = counter,
                      split = "[-.]")[[1]][3], # for the pattern in your filenames
         value = readxl::read_xlsx(file = counter))

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