Loop through file directory of PDF's, apply function one by one and save Each as xlsx file

Hello everyone,

My goal is to iterate through each pdf file in the directory and apply a function and save each as a xlsx file.

I have this so far:


#Set Directory

PDF <- function(clean){
T1 <- unlist(str_split(data_frame_list, "[\r\n]+"))
T2 <- unlist(str_split(T1, "[\r\n]+"))
T3 <- str_split_fixed(str_trim(T2), "\s{2,}", 1)
T4 <- as.data.frame(cSplit(T3, 'V1', sep=", ", type.convert=FALSE))}

Get_PDF_Files <- list.files(pattern = "*pdf")
PDFList <- lapply(Get_PDF_Files, pdf_text)
Output <- lapply(PDFList, PDF)

FileExport <- write_xlsx(Output,path = "C:/Users/jason/Downloads/NewFile.xlsx")

I basically want to convert the first page of each PDF into an excel file and save them with a different name.

Thanks for you help!

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