Loop for changing column name

Hi there,
I'm new to the R and I'm trying to calculate some statistics on the database. I'm stuck and I would really appreciate some help :frowning:

I was able to group it, I have a statistics, but for one grouping and one column only.
So I want my script to do:

  1. Cut the database based on the selected column (done)
  2. calculate group statistics for first specified column (done)
  3. repeat calculation for the same statistics, but for different column (not sure how)
  4. repeat above steps for different column (not sure how

I was able to put a variable in (called Benchmark and Component) in the code, but I don't know how to loop it, so if I specify several names of the columns in the variable, it would pick the first one, do the steps and then repeat for the 2nd one.

I attached a print screen of sample database (yellow - columns by which database should be cut - one at a time, green - columns for which statistics should be calculated - one at a time).

My code so far:

RAW <- read.csv('H:/RawDatabase/Database for R.csv',header=T)

Benchmark_Name <- ('Benchmark_1')
Component <- ("BASE")

Benchmark <- select(RAW,Benchmark_Name)

results_by_org <- RAW %>% 
  filter(Benchmark == 1) %>% 
  group_by(CODE) %>% 
  summarise(Obs = length(na.omit(!!sym(Component))),
            Mean_CPY = mean(!!sym(Component),na.rm = F)

final_stats <- results_by_org %>% 
  summarise(!!paste0("Orgs_",Component) := nrow(na.omit(results_by_org)),
            !!paste0("Obs_",Component) := sum(na.omit(Obs)),
            !!paste0("P25_",Component) := quantile(Mean_CPY,probs = (0.25),na.rm = T,type = 6),
            !!paste0("Mean_",Component) := mean(na.omit(Mean_CPY)),
            !!paste0("P50_",Component) := quantile(Mean_CPY,probs = (0.5),na.rm = T,type = 6),
            !!paste0("P75_",Component) := quantile(Mean_CPY,probs = (0.75),na.rm = T,type = 6)) %>% 
  mutate(Benchmark_Name) %>% 

create a function with variable name as arguments and then call it multiple time with a for loop

or better yet with an lapply.

All I could deduct from your code is that it is written like a script. So you will have to change parameters on every turn. create a function and then just feed the parameters anyhow you want.

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