Looks like a bug in config.py file?

When I try to execute Python utilities after reticulate library has been installed I run into error:

Dans system2(command = python, args = shQuote(script), stdout = TRUE, :
l'exécution de la commande '"C:/Users/aldoh/miniconda3/envs/r-reticulate/python.exe" "C:/Users/aldoh/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.3/reticulate/config/config.py"' renvoie un statut 1

Looking into the config.py source code, I notice the following test:

if sys.version < '3.4'

But then if sys.version='3.12' the test returns True (as it is string comparison and not a decimal comparison), which I guess is NOT the desired behaviour.
This should be replaced by if (sys.version_info < (3, 4) - which will return False as expected if sys.version='3.12'.

Or did I miss anything?

By changing the config.py code as described above, my problem got solved, I have no more error from config.py :slight_smile:

Have a nice sunny Sunday (weather is beautiful here in Geneva, Switzerland :-))


All right - This bug has been detected and fixed 3 days ago by the reticulate dev team on Github.
To be closed.

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