Looking for specific literature/data on pay gap and gender-based hiring outcomes

Some friends of mine made a shiny app that takes the salaries of everyone at our university and plots them out into male/female categories that are browseable by department. They are relatively simple graphs, but it's easy to see that some departments have big, consistent pay discrepancies between male and female professors. There is also a figure that shows frequency of female hires and this makes it very clear if a department hasn't hired a woman in 10+ years.

We know that there are people in these departments that are "working on" this problem, but they believe that the issue stems from the fact that not enough women undergrads are in these disciplines, and not enough women apply to the jobs they post. This department has almost 50% female undergrad now and 15% of the faculty are women. They have done a great job at increasing the female undergrad population over the last 10 years, but I've read enough to know this will not necessarily result in a bigger candidate pool for faculty hires (or equal pay once hired). I also know that just telling more women to apply is not the answer.

I think it would be good if there could be some suggested readings that go along with the app so that it can present the problem and also some possible solutions at the same time. It would be great to find something that addresses the current thinking that things will get better if we just wait it out. Unfortunately, Google is not leading me to any of the links that I've clicked on Twitter over the years. I'm hoping @mara or @jessemaegan might have some suggestions?

The somewhat canonical reference I see cited most often is the OECD data:

I've also seen a few articles that are specific to academia (which probably have decent references in them if you pull the thread):

For hiring and pay, you might look at:

As for what you might have seen on Twitter, Alex Albright wrote up a piece on women in sciences that she did using R, so that's my best guess ¯\(°_o)/¯

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