Looking for some help on a school Assignment

I was assigned the task of running the codes for the school assignment and drawing the conclusions from the results and testing the hypothesis that there is no significant differences between Black and White Medicare recipients. I have little idea what I am doing. If someone is willing to help me with the assignment let me know. It's not very long or complicated. I just have very little idea of what I am doing.

Please take a look at the FAQ about homework questions.

Try to ask as specific a question as possible after reading that policy.

I understand. Is there a way for me to delete this post?

There is no need to delete it, in my opinion, and people really are happy to help with specific questions. Also, be aware that I am not anyone official on this forum, just some guy. I suggest you leave the post and maybe you will feel ready to narrow the question a little later.


Check out Statistical Analysis in the Cookbook for R.

Also, from my experience, your professor would be happy to help you figure things out. Programming can be a difficult topic for students not majoring in Computer Science, so I wouldn't be surprised if the professor's helped a lot of students with this before.

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