Looking for OptimSSI-P program

Hi all,
I am looking for OptimSSI-P program in R-Studio. Can you please suggest me which package to install.

I googled a bit for it, but don't see an implementation of OptimSSI-P in R on CRAN or github.

This article Temperature Thresholds and Thermal Requirements for the Development of the Rice Leaf Folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis says:

In this model, the intrinsic optimum temperature (TΦ) for development is the most important thermal parameter. Ikemoto (2005) devised a program for estimating the parameters in the SSI model. Shi et al. (2011) modified this program and developed SSI-P, which runs on R statistical software (www.rproject.org) for faster estimation of the parameters. Ikemoto et al. (2012) further improved this program, creating OptimSSI-P by incorporating the optimization algorithm of Nelder and Mead (1965), wherein TΦ was estimated along with its confidence intervals. In this paper, OptimSSI program (version 2.7), which runs on R statistical software, version 2.15.0 (provided by Dr Peijian Shi, Chinese Academy of Sciences) was used to estimate the thermo-dynamic model parameters.

You might contact those authors as ask where their code is, perhaps encouraging them to post it to github or CRAN as a package.

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I already had all those details. I emailed the developer of this program and he was kind enough to send me the said program today morning.