Looking for info/docs on creating a SNA from Edgelist data in Excel

R was recommended to me as a great way to conduct social network analysis (SNA). I have Excel files with my data; the data structures are Edgelists. Some of the graphs will be simply connection data (e.g. integers in the cells), other graphs will be weighted (e.g. floating point).

I haven't been able to find any documentation about how to import this data into RStudio and then generate my network graphs. Does anyone have suggestions / pointers?


Context: I am new to R and RStudio; I have run through some tutorials and have been using the Tidyverse up until now.

Hi @LCK. You can use read_excel from readxl package to import the excel data and use igraph package to construct the network. visNetwork package can let you interactively organise the nodes.

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