looking for dev review of first R package

I made an R package to help me explore and understand a very interesting phenomenon (Menzerath's law in quantitative linguistics). However, I guess there are about 10-100 people in the world that also might find it interesting and I doubt if any of them is also enjoys coding in R. So I was wondering where I can find some seasoned R developers that would be interested enough to have a look at the code and give some feedback?

A bit general as I know of no particular platform for requesting reviews on packages. You should promote your package and make it clear, in the promotion content and in the package docs you should, that you are looking for contributions and feedback. In the rOpenSci dev guide we have general advice on making your package repo a friendly place.

Now as to how spread the word about your package,

  • One idea would be to blog about your package somewhere and to submit the link the post to R Weekly as well as in other channels (Twitter, R Bloggers if your blog is on it, etc.).
  • You could also try and find an online meetup group looking for speakers (e.g. EdinbR).

Later when your package is more mature you could also submit an abstract at conferences or to journals like The R Journal.

You mention a possible absence of overlap between who would be interested in the topic and who would be a seasoned coder. In your promotion content/docs you could have something about the internals of your package and what challenges you encountered, especially challenges you haven't solved yet. See for instance the internals vignette of webfakes and this tech note about dittodb.

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