Looking for an "Shiny" :-) Software Consultancy in Hefei, China

Hi everyone,

This might be a long shot, but I am looking for a Chinse Software Consultancy that is well versed in

  • Shiny development
  • Posit Connect Installation


  • Located or operational in Hefei, China
  • Sufficiently able to speak English

It is not a "Job" posting yet, so I do not want to "misuse" the Job board (except if somebody tells me that it is appropriate to do so).

Thanks and Best!

Thanks for this remark.

Hello, this is andy. I am living in Shenzhen, China.

I am familiar with R shiny development, but have not used Posit Connect before.
I am able to coordinate with remote work style.
You can touch me, if you think remote work style is ok.

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