Looking for advice trying to create Shiny app to populate a matrix

As I have found there are at least a dozen ways to do something in R/Shiny and all the other amazing libraries out there. The problem is I am getting stymied by all the options so trying to find the most direct way to do this:

I am building a schedule and I have the code to do it I just need to create the matrix to feed into my model. I wanted to do that in Shiny as a nice clean interface for an end user. We have 7 locations that need coverage and we are scheduling them in 13 week blocks. The idea is I could read in a pre-built schedule, a CSV file, edit it if needed, or create one from scratch where I would select the week that needs coverage and the location that needs it. I will need a 7x13 matrix of the data, using 1 if location needs coverage, 0 if not. I have gotten so hung up on dataframes, tibbles, DT I keep spinning myself in circles.

Looking for some help how to simplify my thoughts and complete something straight forward. Being new to R development I am overwhelmed by all the options.

Any advice or thoughts how to cleanly do this? The end result needs to be in a matrix format ideally created on the fly in a shiny interface, where I can select a location (I have as ID, Name, City) and a Week that it needs coverage (again have an ID, Wk01, Week start date) in CSV files as resources.

Thanks for any input. I am very impressed with R and this community. I am looking forward to learning more.


To learn shiny in general the book https://mastering-shiny.org/ is a good resource.

For your particulars , the package shinyMatrix provides an appropriate input widget.

Thanks for the info. I have been working my way through that book and have actually found a couple of good blogs that got me where I need to be.

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