Looking for a similarity algorithm based one multiple factor

Looking for a solution to obtain Score for a list of items

products<-c("flower", "cloths", "cosmetic") # ITEM
category<-c("sent, live, natural", "natural, cotton, fabric", "artificial, live, sent") #property of that Item
location<-c("NY, DC, LD, AM", "SG, NY, LD", "LA, RJ") # Location where it is available
customers<-c("11111,22222,33333,44444", "11111,33333", "11111, 22222, 44444") # Customers who bought
#similarly I have more number of fields with multiple value on each

df <- data_frame(products, category, location, customers)

df$score<- #? based on the similarity of how to derive the score  

how to obtain the score for each item

can some one please help on this request

do you have an idea of any particular algorithm ?

do not know any, someone please help

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