Looking for a learnr contributer as invited speaker

Hi RStudio Community,
I do not know whether this is the right platform, but throughout the learnr-Documentation it was difficult to make out whom to contact directly with such a question. We're organizing an online-retreat for quantitative psychologists of the German Psychological Association (DGPs) and I was wondering, whether anyone involved in learnr and its development would be willing to give a talk on learnr and its guiding principles. The target audience are PhD students who are in the midst of teaching for the first or second time and are attending a session on new methods in quant stats teaching.
If you're interested or have any recommendation on where I else I could go looking for someone to contact, please contact me!

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Hi Martin,
You may have already tried this, but you could look at the contributors listed on the github page for learnr: https://github.com/rstudio/learnr.

You might also check the RStudio education blog. I know Allison Horst has written about learnr, for example: https://education.rstudio.com/blog/2020/05/learnr-for-remote/.

I hope you find someone for your talk!

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