Looking an advice about dynamic panel for Shiny dashboard

Hi again.
Not a tech question, but rather a theoretical tip so far.
My dashboard has a panel with checkboxes. Smth like this (here no checkboxes), but a little bit more complicated with not just numbers, but titles under each icon.

Took this as an example here

However, my dataset is constantly updated. And I do not want to rewrite the panel with the list of organizations each time manually. I want updates on a panel after a dataset was updated.

Shiny cheatsheet offers the following types of outputs.

What is the best solution for my challenge? Just text? I am more interested in just changing text dynamically, but not it table or datatable format.

Many thanks.

This sounds like a use case for shiny::renderUI(). I'd suggest reading through this article and looking at some examples:

Essentially you can read and process the data in server.R and then build up the input panel dynamically with renderUI().

Hope that helps? For more specific direction I'd say this sort of question could probably be directed to StackOverflow/shiny.

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It looks like you're using the infoBox element in Shiny Dashboard, is that correct?

Shiny Dashboard comes with a way to change the contents of info boxes dynamically, the renderInfoBox function. You can see examples of its use here: https://rstudio.github.io/shinydashboard/structure.html#infobox


Many thanks for your responses, @jonmcalder and @alandipert!

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