logs - verbosity and id issues

Is there a way to get the relevant log ID to show in the running app UI please?
The Shiny App I manage has multiple instances running. I find it hard to figure out which log corresponds to which user & instance combo when they ask for support.

One of the reasons I find it hard to map them, is that much of the info sent to the R console from a local instance of my app, doesn't show up in the logs on the server.
Are there some config options that might not be on by default? Or some other standard way to log as much as what the server is executing as possible, to help debug?


So I'm sure I understand: you're saying you can't find the information you're looking for from the Logs Pane?

That's right - here's a screenshot of mine, where you can see we have many logs for this content bundle...
and the info in them is less R console output, more server info

What code are you using to log your application's output? a logging package? Something else? What kind of output are you expecting to see that you're not seeing?

Thanks. no special logging package, and checking now, most of what appears in the R console with a local version is also showing up in the logs on the server. I must have missed something before, because this seems fine basically. Some output from libraries like bigrquery isn't coming through eg with query status.

We do get quite a few disconnects early in a session though, where there isn't much log to connect to what they've done.

It would still be very helpful if there's a way to access the 'Job Key' for the current log in the R session - so we can display that and users report it.