LogOut button in Shiny app does not force re-authentication (Standard Plan)

Hi I created a Log Out button for this app I released yesterday using the guidance here: https://docs.rstudio.com/shinyapps.io/authentication-and-user-management.html but regardless of which URL I use for the actionButton, if the user goes back to the app's URL, it remembers them and doesn't force them to log back into shinyapps.io.

In the guidance I linked to above, it says to log a user out of the session, use https://accountname.shinyapps.io/Rminor_elevated/logout/ (My app name is Rminor_elevated) and to log them out of shinyapps.io, use https://login.shinyapps.io/logout. Whenever I go to the app, then paste the first link into my browser, I get a 404. When I paste the other link in, it takes me to the shinyapps.io login page and tells me my logout is successful.

But then if I go back to the app's URL, it just lets me right back in without having to log back in.

The only way I was able to get it to work properly was to clear my cookies, which I don't think is a sustainable answer for my users (who want a way to log out). How can I handle this from within the app?

We are on the Standard Plan, if that helps.

The documentation indicates the URL needs to be https://accountname.shinyapps.io/application_name/__logout__/

Note the underscores.

I did use double underscores in my code, but in this system, it translated that to bolding. Sorry I should have quoted it.

It works perfectly for me. Perhaps a screenshot of the browser with the logout URL and the 404?
If you don't want to share publicly, feel free to DM me.

The 404 is not the problem. The problem is once it logs you out, it lets you get right back into the app without having to log back in. I'm not sure what I could screenshot to show that.

So, I do not experience a 404, and I am logged out my app and need to log back in. It isn't clear to me that there isn't a relationship between the two.

Ok, yeah, I see what you mean

, I'm uploading the screenshot of the 404.

Is your account name "accountname"?

um, no. I just modified the link and it works now, sorry!! Thank you!

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