Logistic Regression Assumption - check linearity of independent variables and log odds

How does one check this assumption for logistic regression? We don't need to check linearity of the target against predictor variables, just predictor vars and log odds.

I searched and got lost with several posts including here here and here.

These posts and others talk about the assumption, but I'm not following how to plot or visualize it myself.

From the last link from Reddit, it looks like I would want to fit a simple logictic regresson for each continuious variable that I have, get the prediction in logodds form then plot it against the variable. Do that for every predictor. Have I go that right?

How do we check linearity of independent variables and log odds in R?

Hello! This is not a super in-depth response and I hope others chime in, but you can check it visually and I found a tutorial that will show you how to do that. I found these instructions useful (under 5.3 go to "Step 4: check assumptions").

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Super helpful link, thanks for sharing

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