Login to Rstudio Server

I am trying to run rstudio-server on a Linode instance and use it via the browser on my local machine. I am following the following tutorial:


I do not understand how to login. When it says "Unix user’s username and password" I am not sure what it is referring to. On the Linode instance I am root. I have tried entering 'root' as a username and my root password.

Any help appreciated

You can't log as root (and you shouldn't, it is a security risk), create a normal user instead

This link refers to users on the Linode cloud service account, these are users which can create Linode instances. I am unclear if they can be automatically added as users on a specific Linode instance.

Following the Getting Started with Linode it appears you have to initially log into the instance as root.

Nevertheless, once there I created a new user on the instance using adduser and that allows me to login to the Linode instance as a normal user. It also provides the username and password I need to login to the rstudio-server running on the Linode instance.

Thank-you for your help

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