logical subscript too long

Hi, I am using the logitr function to estimate mixed logit model. The data I am using is large i.e. it has around 56000 rows. When I apply logitr then the following error occurs:

Error in data$X[data$outcome == 1, ] :
(subscript) logical subscript too long

What is the meaning of this error and how to deal with it? There is no way to produce minimal reproducible example in this case. Please help.

data is presumably a matrix or data frame. (Not a good choice of name because of the built-in of the same designation—sooner or later expected a message about not being able to subset a closure. Avoid with data_, D, Data or similar.)

X is a column variable of data and the expression looks intended to select the rows of data$X in which the values of data$outcome is 0. This will be an object that contains at a minimum if not empty X and outcome and will also include any other variables in data.

indicates that some part of logitr has been given this when it expects TRUE | FALSE.

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Logitr has requirments on the data it can procress, are you familiar with that ? Have you validated that your data meets the requirements ?

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