Logging Packages?

Since we use R for some production tasks, logging's a really useful (and/or mandatory) feature. There are some packages already out there for logs, e.g. log4r, logging, futile.logger, but all have either minimal maintenance or some design features that might be considered non-standard.

I'm curious as to what the RStudio folks themselves use (along with the rest of the Rstudio Community), and if they envision building a logging solution to live as part of the RStudio suite of packages/tools?

I am pretty happy with futile.logger. I think it is more ore less feature-complete, that is why there is relatively little development happening.

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Like @hoelk, I also use futile.logger and find it rather complete.

I like the approach of debugme: if logging is disabled, the overhead is next to zero.

I hadn't heard of futile.logger yet. I tried the logger package previously and couldn't get on board. I'm just using print or message statements for logging currently... It's definitely suboptimal.

Very interesting - any suggestions on the best practice for logging Shiny apps in production?

Even for simple usage stats on a user level would be very informative

New one here by @atheriel


logs directly to the main syslog process. Very simple api, perfect for my usecase.

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