Logging into a web database and download data

Hi all,
I am downloading a large dataset from a web database "GISAID" which is cumbersome to do a manually: download the data set then read into RStudio for analysis, Also another limitation is I am limited to downloading up to 10000 datasets, which makes it almost impossible for the close to 6.5M reads on the database . Is there a way/code I can use to log into the database from RStudio and instruct the computer to download the data in batches, i.e., 1-10,000, 10001-20000 etc.



Hello @Edida,

I think you are meaning to use data from https://www.gisaid.org/?
If that is the case please ask there how the data is normally used (downloaded) and what advice they would give you.
Most often there is an API available to select and retrieve data.
If you more information on that and need help in getting it working in R, then let us know.

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