Locked out of R Studio Cloud Project

Hi R Studio Cloud Team,

I've been locked out of my project due to hitting the usage limit:

Can you please provide me a link to download the materials from this project or send it to an email address?

It would be nice if you gave users a warning label so we could be aware of almost hitting our limit and could transition it ourselves to Desktop, instead of waiting for a helpdesk ticket, especially when we have timely projects. :slight_smile: Understand you're trying to get paid, but you also need to accommodate your freemium users, some of whom work at non-profits and provide community solutions that are urgently needed during the pandemic.



Hi Lee,

We can help you out - we'll send you a direct message shortly with instructions.

Agreed that we want to give folks a heads up / grace period as they reach / near their limits - it's something we're speccing out now.

You may already have seen this, but we do offer significant discounts to non-profits and small organizations - you can see them here: https://rstudio.cloud/plans/premium?discount=nonprofit


Thanks Robby - see the dm now. Glad it's something on y'alls mind! I'm still laying some groundwork at my org to approve any subscription purchase.

Hi, i have been locked out of R studio and it has my coursework for my degree on it. for some reason i was not able to log into my actual account on this website but my username is Isabella105 Dawson
please would you be able to unlock my account i am a uni student and really need my coursework. i think it should be displayed more clearly that you will be locked out of your account once you hit the limit and wont be able to access you projects at all.
kind regards Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry about that - we agree that we don't give you enough of a heads up - we're working on it, and are also working on additional options when you do. I'll send you a direct message shortly and get you unstuck.

Perfect thank you i look forwards to hearing back from you as this is extremely urgent. many thanks.

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