lock position of tabset on a web page?

I am using a tabset on a web page. The content quantity beneath each tab varies from several screenfuls to just a couple of sentences. When switching among these tabs the position of the tabs floats up or down relative to the content beneath. This makes for a jarring UX experience. Can I lock the position of the tabs to the top of the page? The fig-align options don't seem to apply. Thanks.

I think you will need some CSS for that. If you share an example, we can have a look to on how to do that.

take a look at artsteinmetz.com. Thanks. Watch what happens when you click on the "Education" tab.

Unfortunately I don't know exactly how to do that.

Can you ask in Quarto discussion board ? I wonder if we could add some configuration to avoid this - that is annoying for sure.

It could be something missing from the about page feature: Quarto – About Pages

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