Location of .svg plots in blogdown's folder structure

I render svg plots with the ggiraph package in blogdown.
The plots are included with the chunk option
{r echo=FALSE, fig.height=7, message=FALSE, warning=FALSE, dev='svg'}

In the past, these plots were saved as .svg files in the folder blog/content/name_of_post/index_files/figure_html

I recently deleted 'manually' the files contained in this folder since there were several plot files which were outdated and I assumed that the still needed graph files would re-emerge when knitting or running the code of the blog post again. However, the files do not show up there. Also a search of my blogdown folder on all .svg files doesn't yield any hits.

Strangely, the graphs still appear in the rendered post/html file (in blog's preview). I tried to find the location of these graphs with the 'inspect' tool of the browser, but failed to find any specific destination.

Any idea what I am missing?

I believe the svg graph will be embeded into the html file. Look at the page with the inspector, you should find your svg graph inside html <svg ..> ... </svg>

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