Location directory : conflicts when adding an index with other apps

This text will be hiddenHi ! I am very happy to find help in this forum and I will try to be as clear as possible.

J'heberge un serveur Shiny v1.5.17 sur un ordinateur personnel sur Ubuntu Linux 21.10
Les apps peuvent fonctionner.

J'ai lu plusieurs fois la partie concernant la configuration du fichier shiny-server.conf sur Shiny Server v1.5.17 Configuration Reference

Here my config :

run_as shiny;
server {
  listen 3838;

  location / {

    # Host the directory of Shiny Apps stored in this directory
    site_dir /var/www/shiny/;

    # Log all Shiny output to files in this directory
    log_dir /var/log/shiny-server;

    # When a user visits the base URL rather than a particular application,
    # an index of the applications available in this directory will be shown.
    directory_index on;
  location /idr {

    app_dir /srv/shiny-server/sample-apps/hello;
    log_dir /var/log/shiny-server/;
    location /map {
    app_dir /var/www/shiny/map_coursera/;
    log_dir /var/log/shiny-server/;

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