locate files using the fs package

When I put my files in project folder, the following code works fine.

files <- fs::dir_ls(glob = "file_name_pattern*txt")

Suppose I put my files in the subfolder called data. How do I locate the files in the data folder?

Hello @budugulo,

I think

fs::dir_ls(path="./data",glob = "file_name_pattern*txt")

should work (?)

Thanks for the reply @HanOostdijk . Unfortunately, it is not working.

That is rather vague.
Please execute in each environment where you work (base R or markdown or ...) for both your base folder and the data folder


and show us the results.

These four should work:

fs::dir_ls(glob = "data/file_name_pattern*txt", recurse = TRUE)

fs::dir_ls(path = "data", glob = "data/file_name_pattern*txt")
fs::dir_ls(path = "data", glob = "*/file_name_pattern*txt")

fs::dir_ls(path = "data", regex = "file_name_pattern*txt")
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@AlexisW Many thanks for solving my problem! Please note that the one with the regex argument is not working.

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