Localisation problem - lateration

Dear Community,

I am facing a problem in R, which I can't really solve. In simple terms, I would like to implement a trilateration / multilateration in R Project.

Basically, I have placed receivers in the respective corners of a room (with known coordinates) and now the distances to a transmitter are measured (as "resulting" - not differentiated in x, y, or z-direction). From these distances I would now like to calculate the position of the transmitter in space coordinate-wise.

  • Is there already a "prefabricated" R packet for this purpose?
  • Could someone give me tips for the creation of an appropriate code?

Many thanks

I'd look at PlaneGeometry::intersectionCircleCircle() for tw&o pairs of circles centered at the coordinates of the corners with radii equal to the distance to the transmitter—the intersection will be the location of the transmitter, assuming the radii are accurate.

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