loadsupport warning

I have a shiny app in package structure, with all my *.R files in the R/ directory. The exception is app.R, which is at the top level. When I use runApp(), everything is fine but I have this warning:

Warning in loadSupport(appDir, renv = sharedEnv, globalrenv = NULL) :
Loading R/ subdirectory for Shiny application, but this directory appears to contain an R package. Sourcing files in R/ may cause unexpected behavior.

When running the app in RStudio, this can be suppressed by setting shiny.autoload.r = FALSE before calling runApp().

But what about when I publish the app to shinyapps.io? I am seeing this warning in the shinyapps.io log and would like to suppress it. I am assuming that shinyapps.io kicks off the app with runApp() and I need a way to set the option before that happens. Or is there some other way?

I see that this been discussed before, usually in the context of {golem}, e.g. here. But I have not found a solution to suppressing the warning messages.

FYI, this was fixed in shiny v1.8.1 thanks to Avoid R package warning in `loadSupport()` if autoload is disabled by krlmlr · Pull Request #3513 · rstudio/shiny · GitHub