Loading screen while action button is running


I created an action button in my Shiny App that runs RMarkdown. While it is working I just want to show to user loading screen.


actionButton("create", "Create Report")


        create_report <- function(data,
                                  output_format = html_document(toc = TRUE, toc_depth = 6, theme = "yeti"),
                                  output_file = "report.html",
                                  output_dir = getwd(),
                                  y = NULL,
                                  config = configure_report(),
                                  report_title = "Data Profiling Report",
                                  ...) {
            ## Check if input is data.table
            if (!is.data.table(data)) data <- data.table(data)
            ## Check response variable
            if (!is.null(y)) {
                if (!(y %in% names(data))) stop("`", y, "` not found in data!")
            ## Get directory of report markdown template
            ## Render report into html
                input = 'report.rmd',
                output_format = output_format,
                output_file = output_file,
                output_dir = output_dir,
                intermediates_dir = output_dir,
                params = list(data = data, report_config = config, response = y, set_title = report_title),
            ## Open report
            report_path <- path.expand(file.path(output_dir, output_file))

If I can do, I can show console log output to user while Rmd is working.
Console output while Rmd is working:

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