Loading a specific object from an .Rdata file

I was wondering if I coul load just one of many (large) objects saved in an .Rdata file in a previous project.

I found this:

(Just FTR, Hadley commented in 2012 what the chances were that these functions became "less internal" - I wonder if there is another solution now I didn't find?)

This kind of works nicely, loads an environment and many, many object promises (shown under 'values' in RStudio). If I start typing, those promises are loaded instantly.

First problem: similarly named objects (i.e., in my case, flordat_df , flordat_sf, flordat_coords) are all lazyLoaded as I type. (Scripting that for later and the sending it to the console avoids that, but even typing in the script loads these objects already.)

Second problem: I don't know how to get rid of the promises in a convenient way.

I know I am using an internal function which is not supposed to be called directly, but since I didn't find another solution any help would be appreciated.

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