LME instead of repeated measurements ANOVA


I have a question about a design with measurement repetition. I have 2 groups (healthy and sick) each doing two different tasks (a and b) in five different test blocks each with different repetition patterns (5,10,25,45,100).
So an individual practically had to complete task a five times, in each conditions with different number of repetition. And then also 5 times task b. I designed the tasks counter-balanced.

So, three factors in total:
Group (0 &1)
Task (a & b)
Task Condition (5,10,25,45,100)

The outcome variable is blood pressure

I could certainly do the whole thing as I have done so far via ANOVA with repeated measures, but would quite like to check it with a linear mixed effects model. Unfortunately, I don't quite know how to do that yet.

In detail, I would like to test the following first.
My assumptions:

  • All from the group of sick people are worse in task a than healthy people across all trials.

  • healthy and sick differ in task a, but not in task a.

Can anyone give me a hint on the best way to set up the models in R?

I am a bit stumped on this,
Thanks for your help.

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