List of R CRAN mirrors

Can anyone tell me if there is a website or file located somewhere on the Web where I can obtain a text file (ideally a CSV) of the official R CRAN mirrors?

Ultimately, what we're trying to do is build a script that will download a continuously updated (by CRAN) CSV or other text file of the official mirrors. The script will then use then whitelist those URLs in our firewall rules. The intention is for this script to run, say, nightly, so that if CRAN updates the official mirror list, the firewall rules would be updated accordingly that night (mirror URLs added or deleted).

I know I can view the HTML list of CRAN mirrors here:, and it's easy for me to use R functions to read this into a dataframe which could then be used to update the firewall rules, but unfortunately, our network team will be writing the script to update the firewall, and they will not be using R for the script. So they've requested that I provide a hyperlink to a CSV or easily consumed/read text file of the mirror URLs. I searched around for such a text file, but couldn't find one. I imagine that such a list probably exists somewhere on CRAN, but I just can't seem to find one.

If I can't find one, I'm sure I can still work with the team to develop a process to download and read the HTML list of mirrors, but I'm trying to make the process as simple as possible by simply pointing to a text file of the mirrors.


After running a few package updates in R Studio, I discovered a CSV mirror list does exist, so I figured I'd update this post for other who might be looking for this information as well.

A CSV list of the mirrors is currently maintained here:

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