List of old versions of Rstudio: too many for me easily to determine the latest one for my system

I have seen several versions of RStudio on the download list. I do not see from labelling, which one is the latest one that will work on my system. I tried to download the latest one, which didn't work. Then I scrolled back through the older ones and it is not clear to me where to stop and download. I randomly downloaded one a few back, and this doesn't allow features I'd like to use. So it's a bit of a needle in a haystack, choosing the right one.

For me, the logical process is to default download the latest one that will work with my system, going backwards if you wish to force it, but this is apparently not automated.

I am on a Mac OS Monterrey 12.6.3, a 2017 Macbook.

Thanks for any help, everyone!

p.s. If that works, my next question will be: assuming RStan, shinystan, and ggplot2 installed and working, how do I create my first commands to plot a simple made-up distribution on a chart and export to say PDF, Word, OOffice, or LateX et c?

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