List google drive folder contents when using drive_deauth() (no login)

Does anybody know if there's a way to view/download the contents of a google drive folder that is viewable by anyone with the link? This is part of a group project, and I would rather not connect with specific login credentials, but just use folders that have unrestricted viewable access. I'm able to download a specific file if I know its ID, but I would like to be able to see what is in a folder and then download one or more files within.


#Trying to access folder and see contents
id <- "1X15B9xum-ESAazRB68OwxICn45cDPF5H" #folder called "Test"
D <- drive_get(id = id)
D #works
drive_ls(D) #returns error 401
drive_ls(D[[1]]) #returns error 403

#Accessing a file within the folder directly
id <- "1kyobfumEIghYS66vDYZCxd1YTd80RTRB" #xls file within "Test"
D <- drive_get(id = id)
D #works
drive_download(D) #works

One reason I didn't want to sign in with an account is because I really want this to be read-only. I was able to do that using:

drive_auth(scopes = "drive.readonly")

However, it would be nice to not have to use an account to access folders that don't need an account. If anyone knows of a way, I'm very much still interested!