List all open notifications

I would like to get a list of all open Notifications to be able to remove them. Is there such a function?

Use case:
I am displaying a warning if some requirements of an analysis are not met. These notifications will have to be deleted by the user as they are important to get noticed by the user.
In case the user changes the underlying data the notification doesn't hold anymore and the notification should be removed automatically. Instead of using a global list with all the IDs I would prefer a function that returns all notifications that are still open.

I haven't found such a function and would like to know what you recommend.


If by "notifications" you mean R warnings, you can clear them with:

assign("last.warning", NULL, envir = baseenv())

Otherwise you'll have to explain what you mean by "notifications"


showNotification("loading", id="inputDataFunc", duration = NULL)

one can show a notification. and it would be nice to have a list of all open ids..

I am removing a notification after execution with

removeNotification( id="inputDataFunc")