Linking Git to Rstudio


I am very new to coding. I was linking Git to Studio but when I go to Tools - Global option - Git/SVN, I see the followings: SVN executable (not found) and SSH RSA (None). I think these field should be filled automatically.

Please help

Many thanks

I think you are following some kind of tutorial to get this working.
Can you indicate which steps you already did take?
For me it is some years ago that I made the link, so don't remember exactly what I did.
But after initial setup it worked so I could afford to forget all about it :grinning:

In my Tools - Global option - Git/SVN settings

  • I see SVN executable (Not found) and that is okay because we want to work with Git and not with Subversion (?)
  • I see in SSH RSA key the name of a file of mine that contains a RSA PRIVATE KEY and I think that this is also what you need.

I would recommend that you look at:

Yes you are right I am following a tutorial and my settings were different from theirs.

The steps I took are: Installation of R, Rstudio, Created Installed Git and linked to Github. Now I want to link Hit to Rstudio and this is where I'm stuck :sleepy:

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