Linking 12 data frames

I am working with 12 data frames, and I need to create outputs from all 12 data sets so that I can link them and create visualizations from the linked outputs. Can somebody help by indicating how can I link all of the datasets?
Thanks for the help!

Hi. I suggest you review the R merge command, and the various kinds of joins to decide which you want. Then experiment with two tiny dataframes first. For example,

data_A <- data.frame(ID = c(1,2), X1 = c("a1", "a2"))
data_B <- data.frame(ID = c(2,3), X2 = c("b1", "b2"))
data_base_left <- merge(data_A, data_B, by = "ID", all.x = TRUE)

ID X1 X2
1 1 a1
2 2 a2 b1

This can also be done with dplyr.

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