Link to pre rendered html in packages vignette

Hi all! Is thare a way to create a link to pre rendered html documents in a package vignettes?
I've put my htmls to inst/research. And pass a link in my .rmd this way:
[research]('r paste("file://", .libpaths()[length(.libpaths)], "packname", "research", "research.html", sep = "/")').
As a result, the link is right, but it won't open on click, if i do right click and choose "open in a New tab", i See the link, but the documents won' t render until i select the adress and press enter.

Is there a way to make this links work fine? Or how to put htmls from /inst to /doc when the package is built?

Maybe there is a way to use a pre rendered html vignettes?

Yes one can use a pre-rendered HTML vignette (I'm therefore only answering your last question; I furthermore think it'll be easier to use "usual" package infrastructure i.e. vignettes). I've described a few approaches in a recent blog post on the R-hub blog. It depends on the reasons why you want to pre-render the documents.

```{r, echo = FALSE} 
NOT_CRAN <- identical(tolower(Sys.getenv("NOT_CRAN")), "true")
  collapse = TRUE,
  comment = "#>",
  purl = NOT_CRAN,
  eval = NOT_CRAN