Line plot with multiple lines


I am trying to create a line graph in R studio as above ^ however I am struggling. I would like the X axis to be dates from May 1997-Apr 1998, the y axis to be Sea Surface Temperatures, and the 2 lines to show the minimum and maximum sea surface temperatures.

My excel sheet is formatted as follows:
Date SST Min SST Max

May 97 25 30
June 97 27 31
July 97 30 33

and so on.

Any ideas for a code using ggplot?


The first step is to have the data in R rather than excel, are you able to do that ?
an easy way is to use excel to save as csv, then use R to read the csv

Hi, yes I converted it to a csv file and imported it into R.

yes, define you aesthetics, x being your dates, and y being your first line. use geom line, then use a second geom line with y aesthetic set for the second line required.

I'm assuming you are familiar with aesthetics in ggplot2 ?
for a tutorial look at chaper 3

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