Limit students' excessive project hours?

What is the best way to limit students' excessive use of cloud resources? In the past, I've had individual students use 120 project hours/month when the average was closer to 10.

  1. How can students be sure that they are no longer using project hours? Is it enough to interrupt R and close the browser tab? Should they be instructed to terminate R in the session tab?
  2. Is it possible to automatically alert a student who is on track to use more than a certain number of project hours in a given billing cycle?
  3. Alternatively, is there a way to cap usage for individual students at a certain level, so that they would need to write to the instructor to request additional hours?

The reason I'm asking is that my university's funding is limited, and I would be on the hook for any excessive use. The "unlimited plan" is unfortunately too expensive.

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