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My organisation has a "Standard" plan and we deploy apps to using github actions. We like to keep it so that each app has a secret and token, stored as github repo secrets. It seems that we can't create more than 25 secrets through the admin dashboard. Is this a hard limit? Is there any way to increase the number of tokens?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @markgrujic,

There is no limit on how many tokens you may have. This seems to be an existing bug in the admin dashboard where the pagination buttons don't work to show you all the tokens you have. A fix for this will be deployed sometime today, or on Monday. I will reply back to this thread once I have the fix deployed.


The fix for this has been deployed.

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Thanks for this, I can confirm that a new token is added and that pagination now works :tada:
However, it appears that because the table is hard sorted alphanumerically, and because you can't name the secrets, it's very hard to identify which is the newly generated token. This is pretty closely related to the original problem, but please let me know if you would like me to make a new topic? Cheers

I will take a look and see what I can do about it!

Hey @markgrujic,

I deployed a change that makes it so the tokens are always sorted by their creation time descending. This means the newest token will always be the first in the list. I have also added a new column called "Created Date" as well that shows you the date the token was created.

Thank you for bringing to light the issues on this page! I'm sorry the page was kind of in a broken state for so long and affected your usability of it. The vast majority of users only have 1 token and of those who have more, not many have more than 10 tokens, so it hasn't necessarily been an issue that has been getting reported.

Also, I did just want to make you aware that since your organization is on a paid plan, you do have access to our support team. If you should run into any other issues in the future you can submit support tickets here.


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