Likelihood of NBA success - Shiny Contest Submission

Likelihood of NBA success

Authors: Christopher Harden

Abstract: This app generates a list of players and their chances of making the NBA based on some filters. It can also generate a prediction based on a player’s stats or you can select a particular player.

Full Description: Ever wondered what your chances are of your favorite college player making the NBA? Are you looking to scout players who are hoping to make it in the big league? Just curious who was least likely to make the NBA based on our model, but did? This app helps answer all these questions. First, you can make a personalized list of players based on a set of parameters and get what their chances are of making the NBA. Secondly, it allows you to input the statistics about a certain player who isn't in the database and it will give a prediction for them. Finally, you can select any past player and see what their prediction was based on their college stats.

Keywords: basketball, sports, prediction, random forest, college, NBA,
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Repo: GitHub - chardensoft/potter: The code for my shiny app that predicts the likelihood of college basketball players making it into the NBA.
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