library of package haven is not opening

Error Information: > installed.packages("haven")

 Package LibPath Version Priority Depends Imports LinkingTo Suggests Enhances License
 License_is_FOSS License_restricts_use OS_type Archs MD5sum NeedsCompilation Built

Error in library("haven") : there is no package called ‘haven’

Description of issue - I installed the package haven and then tried to open the library of the same package but it is not opening

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  • OS Version: 10.14 (18A391)
  • R Version: Version 1.1.463 – © 2009-2018 RStudio, Inc.


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From Troubleshooting Guide: Using RStudio

This means that the library haven is not found in your current library paths

  • check .libPaths() to see the current lib paths
  • use find.package("haven") to see if the package installation folder is found

You may try to reinstall the package and check the installation is correct.

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When you try to install a package, the function used is install.packages, not installed.packages. The latter can be used to get details of the packages which are already installed.

Try to install by install.packages("haven", dependencies = TRUE), and then try to lead it using library(haven).

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